Learn how to go from depressed and anxious to days full of happiness

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This is a introductory lesson into the I Am Love Group coaching program.

What will be covered in this lesson:

  • #1 thing standing in your way creating change in your life
  • Basic core steps and that helped me change internally so I can change my external situations
  • 4 stages of healing relationships (friends, family, spouses etc.
  • 1 bonus at the end (surprise, surprise!)

Included in this lesson

  • 1 40 minute video
  • 1 survey

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Your Instructor

  • My name is Siedah (Si-ee-dah), writer and life coach author at
  • I’ve suffered from depression on and off for 15 years of my life and I no longer deal with it.
  • I’ve battled with social anxiety almost all my life and I no longer have it.
  • I met with two therapists within a year span but it only scratched the surface
  • I healed myself within a three-year span and completely changed my life

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