Learn how to go from depressed and anxious to days full of happiness

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This is a introductory lesson into the I Am Love Group coaching program.

What will be covered in this lesson:

  • #1 thing standing in your way creating change in your life
  • Basic core steps that will help you change internally so you can change your external situations
  • 4 stages to healing relationships in your life (friends, family, spouses etc.)
  • 1 bonus at the end (surprise, surprise!)

Included in this lesson

  • 1 40 minute video
  • 1 survey
  • 50% off Self-Love Course Special Offer
  • Access to Facebook Community for Q & A

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Your Instructor

  • My name is Siedah (Si-ee-dah), The Self-love Coach
  • I’ve suffered from depression on and off for 15 years of my life and I no longer deal with it.
  • I’ve battled with social anxiety almost all my life and I no longer have it.
  • I healed myself within a three-year span and completely changed my life.
  • I've helped women and men by sharing my story and giving them advice. I hope to help as many people as I can notice the love and power they have within so they can heal themselves.

Class Curriculum

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Available in days
days after you enroll

How I've touched people:

I really appreciate your blog and the way you discuss depression. Often, when people discuss depression, they don’t write with empathy like you do. It can be hard for a depressed person to imagine becoming active, but you suggest it in a way that it seems possible. I like your blog. - Rachelle Megan

Hi Girl , Very well written ! Everyone should follow these ways to overcome depression . It’s really a self-improving post.Thanks for sharing . - Devi

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