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In this exercise, you will need to find a quiet space, close your door, turn off your cellphone, and mute your notifications. This lesson only will take you 30 minutes to an hour to reflect.

  • Grab your Journal
  • Grab a Pin

This exercise will help you become more consciously aware of your thoughts you have on a regular basis that don't benefit you. Your thoughts are extremely powerful my love. Especially, the thoughts that you have about yourself.

I'll tell you why...

When I was depressed I was awake and walking through life taking care of my home, my husband at the time, and working. I was functioning as a normal human being. So I thought. I had constant thoughts and habits that were unhealthy. I had unhealthy patterns that left me stuck, my emotions unbalanced, and my inner world in chaos.

Below is a four page PDF helping you to identify your personal unhealthy thought patterns. This is step one to becoming aware of ones self so that later on we can replace the negative thoughts and behaviors with positives ones.


With love,